Year Ending
Dec 2016
Year Ending
Dec 2015
Year Ending
Dec 2014
Year Ending
Dec 2013
Revenue 639.13M 889.34M 733.01M 750.59M
Cost of Revenue 424.74M 586.06M 499.45M 544.27M
Gross Operating Profit 162.18M 257.55M 199.34M 178.61M
Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses 32.34M 30.87M 29.42M 27.70M
Operating Income before D & A (EBITDA) 182.05M 272.41M 204.13M 178.62M
Depreciation & Amortization 52.22M 45.73M 34.21M 27.71M
Interest Income 1.78M 2.16M 2.52M 2.72M
Other Income - Net 457,000.00 14,000.00 118,000.00 2.04M
Special Income / Charges 0.00 2.13M 1.90M 392,000.00
Total Income Before Interest Expenses (EBIT) 137.00M 236.80M 176.02M 147.46M
Interest Expense 22.80M 21.80M 7.62M 7.34M
Pre-Tax Income 114.20M 210.74M 164.61M 139.34M
Income Taxes 41.54M 77.29M 65.07M 52.44M
Net Income From Continuing Operations 72.66M 133.45M 99.53M 86.90M
Net Income From Total Operations 72.66M 133.45M 99.53M 86.90M
Total Net Income 72.66M 133.45M 99.53M 86.90M
Normalized Income
(Net Income From Continuing Operations,
Ex. Special Income / Charge)
72.66M 131.33M 97.64M 86.50M
Net Income Available To Common 72.66M 133.45M 99.53M 86.90M
Basic EPS from Continuing Ops. 3.74 6.39 4.66 4.07
Basic EPS from Total Operations 3.74 6.39 4.66 4.07
Basic EPS, Total 3.74 6.39 4.66 4.07
EPS fr Continuing Ops. 3.74 6.46 4.72 4.08
EPS fr Total Ops. 3.74 6.39 4.66 4.07
EPS, Total 3.74 6.39 4.66 4.07
Dividends Paid per Share 1.60 1.60 1.60 1.00

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